5 Tips for Getting a Better Night's Sleep Infographic

By Katie Gilstrap | Physical & Emotional Well Being | November 18, 2013

Most people experience trouble sleeping now and then. Extra stress can cause even the most sound sleepers a few nights of tossing and turning. If your sleepless nights drag on and begin to interfere with how you function during the day you may have a sleeping disorder. Sleep deprivation can affect your health, emotional wellbeing and energy level. Review our infographic below for tips that can help you create a better sleeping environment. If you continue to experience trouble sleeping consult your doctor. 


  • Katie Gilstrap

    Cofounder of Lift Caregiving

    Katie is cofounder of Lift Caregiving and serves as an adjunct professor at University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University. She is an active member of her community and is a special correspondent for The Richmond Times Dispatch. She earned her Business Degree at The College of William & Mary and her MBA at The University of Richmond.

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