Paying for Care

How do I pay for long term care? Can I get support? In this section you will find important topics and care lounge discussions that will help you find the answers to these questions and more.


Below you will find more specific topic areas that will help you find the information you are looking for.

End of Life Care

Learn more about the costs, payment options and government & community resources available to your loved one.

Financial Planning

Good financial planning is simply making sure that the financial assets that are most important to your loved one – no matter how many or how few -- go to the intended recipients as quickly, cheaply and easily as possible. Learn more about the process and how to get your family on the right path here.

Housing Costs

Learn more about the costs, funding sources and state & community resources available to your loved one.

In-Home Care

Services and associated costs for in home care can vary widely, including everything from skilled nursing care, to personal care to companion and housekeeping services. Learn more about averages, funding sources and community resources available to your loved one.


If your loved one needs health insurance, they have a variety of options that vary depending on their circumstances. Learn more about their right's and protections here.


The Medicaid program was designed to provide health care and nursing home services to those with very few assets. Medicaid funding is shared between federal and state governments, and each state has flexibility in designing and administering its Medicaid program. Learn more here.


This section will help you learn more about the health insurance program run by the federal government for people 65 and over.

Social Security

Navigate the system, figure out your options and make decisions about benefits.

Veteran's Affairs

This section was designed to help you learn more about the support and services offered by the VA.

Care Lounge Community Discussions

See what our community members are saying about paying for care. Ask a question, browse answers and learn from others here.

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