Managing the Medical System

The medical system can be confusing, complex and overwhelming. In this section you will find important topics and care lounge discussions designed specifically to help prepare you for what to expect and to help make sense of the chaos.


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Going to the hospital can be like going to a foreign country. They have their own rules, their own way of doing things and even their own language. Learn more about how they work and how to help your loved one have an easier stay here.

Making the Most of Doctor's Visits

Office visits with doctors pass quickly, and few things are more frustrating than getting home and realizing you forgot to ask an important question. Learn more about making the most of your appointment time, every time here.

Working with Doctors

Your loved one's physician is a critical part of your loved one’s healthcare team. Find tips for choosing the right doctor, asking the right questions, identifying what you should bring to appointments and knowing when you should ask for a referral here.

Working with Staff

It can be challenging to work with the staff. You both have jobs to do, and although at times it may seem as though you are at odds, the truth is that you both want the same thing: to keep your loved one safe and comfortable.

Care Lounge Community Discussions

See what our community members are saying about managing the medical system. Ask a question, browse answers and learn from others here.

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