Caregiver Well-being

Caring for a loved one strains even the most resilient of people. Taking time to care for yourself is not selfish. It is a crucial part of caregiving. In this section you will find important topics and care lounge discussions designed specifically to help you preserve your own health and well being.


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Asking for Help

Caregiving isn't a one person task; friends and loved ones may be more willing to help than you think. Find tips for reaching out and finding support here.

Managing & Coping

Caring for a loved one may be one of the most rewarding and challenging experience of your life. If you’re like most people, though, you are juggling a lot of other responsibilities at the same time. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Here you will find tips for managing the load.

Physical & Emotional Well Being

One of the most important parts of caregiving is making sure you take good care of yourself. Managing your physical, emotional and mental health will make you a more effective caregiver and will improve the overall well being of your loved one.

Stress & Burnout

There's no getting around it. Caregiving is stressful. But it doesn't have to take over your life. Learn the signs and causes of caregiver fatigue and stress and discover what you can do to manage it.

Essential Articles

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Care Lounge Community Discussions

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